Studio 60: a copyright geek's favorite TV show

So, I've been recently introduced to NBC's new show this season, Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip.


It's about the cast and show of a "show within a show" like Saturday Night Live.In this week's episode, we have a little lesson about copyright law. It's a lesson about the script writing process, about attribution and authorship, and ultimately about works made for hire and ownership. You'll have to check it out on the NBC's website where you can watch the entire episode from this week. But note, it's only availble until the next episode airs on Monday, so if you're curious, don't waste any time.

Also, because NBC is delivering their episodes now on-line, I think I might be able to consider leap frogging over the TiVo phase. To my own chagrin, I've yet to get a TiVo. (I also don't have cable/sattelite TV, because if I did, I would be watching way too much TV, and I don't have time for that these days...) In any event, since I don't have a TiVo, I sometimes find myseof on my friends' couch when I want to catch up on a back episode of a particular show. Now, however, I'm thinking that maybe I'm going to skip the entire TiVo technology all together. If I can watch my favorite shows (for free of for pay) as podcasts, or internet streams, why do I really need a TiVo anymore? For that matter, why do I even need a TV?

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