I heard so much about the success of PodcampBoston when I was at the Podcast Expo, that I'm psyched to be able to attend Podcamp West next month on Nov. 18-19. The wiki is running, and promotion and sponsors are needed... Here's how the podcampers describe this unconference:


What is PodCamp-West?

PodcampWest is Free BarCamp style UnConference, for bloggers and readers, podcasters and listeners, VideoBloggers and new media of all types. PodcampWest is free to attend and was inspired by PodCamp Boston. Continuing the momentum, we are bringing PodCamp to the West Coast, the hub of tech activity. PodcampWest Venue will be announced soon and will be accessible by public transport.

THE POWER OF UNCONFERENCE: The power of an UnConference is you get FREE access to ideas, thoughts, best practices, and the true "wisdom of crowds" simply by registering and attending. An UnConference brings people with many different skill set together with the spirit of sharing and learning. We're audio and video podcasters, enthusiasts, businesspeople, hobbyists, musicians, promoters, marketers, and people who generally want to understand more about the new media space. We would like everyone to participate in some form or another and learn.

We urge you to consider signing up to give a 5 minute lightning talk about your experience with podcasts (viewing/listening), or a 30 minute session if you've got enough material to share with others. The sessions are held in the format of a conversation with the people in the room participating. Really shy or too new to the space? Join an informal round table talk, let others join you and ignite the conversations or participate in Podcasting demos and actual live podcasts as well!

Who Should Attend

Podcamp is for people interested in new media. Bloggers, Podcasters, Video Bloggers (Vloggers) are who the conference serves best. If you're interested in doing something with new media, you'll want to attend. Are you an individual or school or library wondering how to incorporate podcasting into projects and community events? Are you a corporation type wondering how you should get involved in new Media? Are you a venture group thinking about whether to invest in this new media space? Come to PodcampWest, you will learn and have the answers.

And, you can register here.

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