Stanford Summit: the futurists are betting

Stewart Brand and Kevin Kelly of The Long Now Foundation are here.
Nathan Myhrvold
is also here from Intellectual Ventures.

They are discussing (with Paul Saffo) a fun and provocative betting site... Longbets.Org

The audience is providing their own pedictions:
By 2020, the US will electd a female president.
By 2010, on-line gambling in the US will be legal.
By 2050, most communication in developing countries will be in 3D.
By 2013, one state will legalize marijuana.
By 2011, many employees will leave Google because they are dissatisfied.
By 2015, there will be free elections at the local level in China.
By 2016, all global telephone calls will be free.
By 2030, computers will contain some portion of biological hardware.
By 2012, surgeons will be outsourced to India and surgery will be conducted by robotics.
By 2030, Windows will require at least one terabyte to install. (This was a dude from VLab.)

My prediction: By 6:30 pm, the conference will be closing and participants will be buzzing about Steve Wozniak's closing session...

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