Overdue Update

I took a new job in the DC area a few months ago working for NIST on biometric and identity technologies and standards. It's an exciting time to be working on biometrics within the government, but many things are considered to be in the nebulous status of 'sensitive' these days. And so I'm erring on the side of caution rather than turning the blog into postings of news from work.

One report that was recently released by our group is here . It describes how the federal government will implement the use of biometrics on idenity cards for all federal employees that are to be issued this October, as mandated by HSPD-12. Another good resource on the work we're doing on fingerprints [including 2 upcoming workshops on measuring quality of biometric samples and improving analyzing latents] is here.

With regard to Blotter Spotter news, I was forwarded the following information by Susan Rastella.

Maricopa County, Arizona

Sheriff's Dept. Mugshot site of newly incarcerated persons at the County Jail

This site also has other features such as
- "52 Pick Up"
Photos and info for deadbeat moms and dad.
- Cyber Cop
Allows anyone to search for arrest warrants from the local
Justice or Superior Courts -- by last name, first name, or zip

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