Edwards to Teach Part-Time at UNC Chapel Hill Law

A big coup for UNC Law, through the initiative of Dean Gene Nichols:

Edwards announced Friday that he will head a new nonpartisan center to study ways to move more Americans from poverty to the middle class. He also will give a series of five large public lectures at the university and be a guest teacher in the UNC Law School, where he earned his law degree.

The part-time position, which lasts two years, pays $40,000 annually and begins Feb. 14. Edwards' salary will be paid from private donations. ***

He and his wife, Elizabeth, graduated from the UNC Law School in 1977. The Edwards family is planning to live in Chapel Hill full-time once their two children, Jack and Emma Claire, finish the school year in Washington.

UNC Law School Dean Gene Nichol said he approached Edwards about taking a job at the university shortly after the election. He said the idea for the new Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity came out of discussions between Edwards and university leaders.

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