New symposium report

In the current issue of the German information law journal "Kommunikation & Recht" you'll find a short symposium report on the 2nd Information Law Symposium about the legal aspects of "e-Gambling", organized by the Zentrum fuer Informationsrecht (Center of Information Law) of the Heinrich-Heine-University at Duesseldorf (pp. 30-32).

The symposium was quite instructive. The lectures mainly dealt with the legal problems of the so-called "Sperrungsverfuegungen" (blocking orders) against German providers. The competent authority at Duesseldorf has been ordering that even service providers would have to prevent the users from opening pages with neo-nazi content by blocking access to these sites. In Germany, a lively debate about the lawfulness of these orders takes place. The various points of view were presented and discussed by the participants of the symposium. Especially the opinions about European Law influence were quite different.

In future, it could be difficult to keep up the conventional German dirigiste legal approach to these problems in consideration of the European Law.

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