Dangerous Terrorists Released by Tony Blair!

This week, four British Muslims were transferred to UK custody after three years in Guantanamo. They are still dangerous, according to the U.S. authorities. But the silly, terror-seeking British Government led by Tony Blair has released them to roam freely within the U.K. (and presumably, by virtue of EU law, throughout Europe).

Lieutenant Commander Flex Plexico, a Pentagon spokesman, said the US still believed the four men posed a security threat and that the Britons' release without charge should not bring into question their three-year detainment at Guantanamo. He said the US believed they posed a continued threat but had been able to work out a way of transferring them back to the UK.

He said: "They were labelled enemy combatants at Guantanamo but in Britain they are being assessed on a legal standing as opposed to a combative standing. I believe the UK did not have the information needed to charge [them]."

Of course, that would mean that the U.S. failed to give the U.K. the information necessary to convince the U.K. authorities that the men were a dangerous menace.

Who will trust the United States, when represented by the Bush Administration, again?

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