India Blog: Are Male Accountants Better or Worse Than Female Accountants?

The jobs postings in the Deccan Chronicle, a large circulation newspaper, sometimes specify the gender of the desired applicant. So the ad might read, for example, "Wanted Female Accountant with 2/3 years experience..."; or "Male Commerce Graduates having experience..."

One ad even offers a liberal stance: "Accountant plus correspondent male/female graduate..."

I guess the question is: do as many people prefer male accountants as the number of people who prefer female accountants? Maybe women might have prettier handwriting?

Such blatant sex discrimination in occupations where gender seems irrelevant would, thankfully, be impermissible in the United States (though there may be exceptions for small employers). It probably is impermissible under Indian law as well, though that law seems not to be well enforced.

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