Excessive Lawyer Regulation

The website of the New Delhi law firm Anand and Anand Associates provides only contact information about the lawyers at that firm, with the following explanation:

On account of restrictions imposed by the Bar Council of Delhi, we do not wish to develop a regular website but only provide basic contact information.

I assume that this decision by Anand and Anand to restrict their website to the barest of information is not out of an excess of precaution, but rather a reasonable interpretation of the professional rules under which they function.

I assume that the Bar Council is concerned about lawyers touting their services in an unseemly and perhaps excessive manner. But there has to be some happy medium in which the lawyers can communicate their expertise and their credentials without hyperbole or ambulance-chasing. American law firms seem to manage this just fine, I think.

The irony is that it may be consumers of legal services who are most harmed by a flat prohibition of a more substantial web presence--as it is we who are denied an easy method for assessing potential lawyers.

Over-zealous regulation is everywhere, I guess.

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