Ryan E. Long

Position / Title: 
Non-Residential Fellow

Ryan has over 16 years of experience advising and representing foreign and domestic technology, media, and design clients. His intellectual property, litigation, and transactional expertise has helped clients create, protect, and market their creations and resolve complex litigation issues. Previously, Ryan was a litigator at Milberg LLP, a legal consultant to the American Enterprise Institute, and an adjunct professor at schools like Brooklyn College and University of California, where he created and taught a seminar titled Law & Creativity: Friends, Foes, or Somehwere in Between?

In addition, Ryan is an author of five -- soon to be six! -- satricial crime thrillers, the first of which, Living on the Happy Edge of Anarchy, was an Amazon top 3 new hot comedy release in 2013. His most recent is the e-book novalla, Pirate in the Closet, is about the crime life of a gay Irish priest from South Boston. In August, Ryan launched Quality Filth Media (www.qualityfilth.com), where you can read wicked South Boston smart interviews of politicians, or skits about politics, written by super criminal characters from Ryan's five books. When you do, you'll see why laughing at politics is better than crying.

Except, of course, at your spouse's funeral!