Robin Hamman

Robin Hamman is a Senior Broadcast Journalist / Senior Community Producer at the BBC where he currently heads up the BBC Blogs Trial and ocassionally contributes to radio programmes including BBC 5 Live's Pods and Blogs.

Robin has been online since 1985 when he set up a local BBS on his Apple IIe. Ten years later, in 1995, Robin began conducting academic research of life online as part of his MA in Sociology (Essex) and later as the topic of his MPhil in Communication Studies (Liverpool). Robin has published articles in half a dozen edited academic collections. He also regularly appears in broadcast and print interviews about life online and, following his recent completion of a Pg Dip in Law [CPE] (Hertfordshire), commenting on legal aspects of online discussion and social networking websites.

Robin blogs at which the Press Gazette, the UK Journalism Industry Newspaper, recently listed as a must read amongst UK journalism blogs.